Facebook Marketplace the peer-to-peer shopping platform is aiming to enhance and capitalise on the current 450M daily users that visit sell groups within Facebook.

Initially only aimed at Facebook individuals the roadmap is clear for brands and retailers once the consumer-only lead pilot proves successful.

Facebook Marketplace and the power of data

Providing a new route to consumers has huge potential for Facebook. As it is gathers further data and insights into its user base; knowing user purchase data history, location of purchases and budgets will allow additional granularity into the newsfeed and advertising targeting.

Retail brands that have ongoing partnerships with Facebook will unquestionably see the benefits of this additional layer of data over time. Imagine a feature that can react to a conversation on Messenger surfacing adverts of products that may be relevant to your discussion, taste, location, and budget. Now thats a step into an effortless shopping experience we’ve been waiting for.