Finery as a brand knows exactly who it is, who its appealing to and how it fits into the highstreet. Because of this few brands can stand as proud as Finery.

Founded by Caren Downie, Emma Farrow and Rachel Morgans, Finery is a young fashion brand created to “bring detail and value for money and love back to the product.”

“The high street has generally become fairly homogenised so I think people are quite fed up with looking the same. I think they’re definitely moving towards smaller brands and something that’s a bit more individual.” – Caren Downie, Brand director, Finery

With industry experience and the know-how to build a collection, Downie and Farrow launched their online store with a pop-up shop in Covent Garden and a desire to make clothes that women will keep for years to come.

The challenge was to convey the look, feel and quality of the products through online-only photos, aspiring to make beautiful pictures as well as beautiful clothes. The result is fun, luxurious style and a warmth that makes it accessible to everyone.

“We try to give everything a Finery twist.” – Emma Farrow, Head of design, Finery

Source: Creative Review