Enhance sales proposition

V.Travel specialise in marine and corporate travel management, moving over 140,000 seafarers safely from A to B every year. They came to us because they needed help building V.Travel’s brand awareness, removing explicit links to V.Ships whilst reflecting V.Travel’s strength through their association with V.Group.

They required a new sales brochure to help them target the niche tanker, cruise and offshore markets. We delivered V.Travel’s most recent print and web advertising campaign and so we have a firm understanding of their sales strategy.

We came up with a strong sales pitch, relevant to all customer segments, distilled into 6 ‘reasons to choose’ V.Travel. The copy reiterates the cost-efficiency and capability of V.Travel, and allows their customers to understand V.Travel’s commitment to providing a seamlessly integrated service.

The result is a custom-sized brochure, differentiated from other sales brochures in the sector by a strong, engaging design and powerful sales message.