What we do


Research & analytics
Strategy & positioning
Innovation support
Board facilitation


Identity & design
Event environments
Interactive & media design


Engagement campaigns
Print, digital, social media
Monitoring and refining

How we do it

Miura believes strong brands are created when three elements are forged together – deep insight, creative expression and engaging activation. The result? Audience recognition, trust and advocacy.

At Miura we have a distinct approach – refined over 15 years of business collaboration – that we call Brand Resonance. Our methodology is user-centred, robust and proven, but we also know when logic should give way to magic, creative gut instinct and breakthrough innovation.

1. Brand Resonance - Insight

It begins by understanding our clients business and ambitions, ideally better than they do, understanding their consumers, competitors and trends – through questioning, workshops, research and deep immersion. We don’t stop until we uncover the essence of the brand, their overriding purpose and meaningful way in which they engage with consumers.

2. Brand Resonance - Creativity

With this proximity comes the ability to ideate and develop a brand strategy that is standout and aligned to customer needs – and yet authentic to the business because it is based on a core strength. With a clear brand positioning we employ the highest standards of creative expression and flare to bring the brand to life through design and copy – creating new visual identities, messaging systems and image briefs that combine to create the building blocks for great engagement campaigns.

3. Brand Resonance - Activation

We understand the stories and experiences around a brand are as important, if not more so, than the logo itself. With the brand elements in place, we combine latest thinking in social media, interaction design, new technology, advertising and the media to create campaigns that transform audiences’ relationship with our clients’ brands.