Keestrack – a Belgian manufacturer of innovative mobile crushing and screening equipment – came to us for help improving their competitive edge through branding and marketing to support the next phase of their global expansion. As a challenger brand operating in a global market dominated by multi-national corporations, the company were keen to exploit design for competitive advantage. Keestrack wanted a full turnkey solution, with Miura taking care of everything from initial research through brand strategy and identity development, to implementation both online and in the real world.

ClientKeestrackServicesBrand Strategy, Visual Identity, Digital, PrintYear2016Link


Through a process of research, workshops and in particular a series of deep dive interviews we iteratively refined a core positioning territory that builds on their vision, values and key USPs that resonates with customers. The resulting brand positioning ‘Performance in every detail’ reflects the companies approach to uncompromising performance and continuous improvement in all areas of the business.


We worked with Keestrack’s management team to deliver a full brand realignment including a new visual identity, an effective new tone of voice and accompanying key messages, and high-profile items of collateral including a smart new sales brochure and website.

Keestracks’ new tone of voice reflects the fact they’re a family business. We introduced a new “personality in print” that is clear, informative, inspiring and approachable. The last quality is important, yet it was essential we didn’t overdo it. Instead we created a professional, business-like approachability that reassures and even attracts potential purchasers by making clear Keestrack is on their wavelength and understands their world.

One of our most significant contributions was overhauling their exiting product naming system replacing it with a logical system based on a simple-to-follow matrix that shows precisely which machines work with which others. In doing so we were fortunate enough to leave a permanent mark on the machines and realise a new elegant graphical solution.

We also developed a complete new naming system for the entire product range and accompanying graphical design solution to be used on all the machinery

The Result

The new brochure was incredibly well received at Bauma, the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery. The product matrix in particular simplifies cross selling as it enables potential purchasers to immediately understand where a particular piece of plane fits into Keestrack’s product range and how it can be augmented with add-on components. The new brand identity has positioned the company for success in global markets and the launch of the new website has boosted engagement across their supply chain.