Tradewinds matters.

Tradewinds matters

At Miura we believe in the power of great journalism, true insight and having a nose for scooping the best stories.

Having worked with Tradewinds over the last year on their brand positioning and marketing communications strategy we understand the news provider. Its ambitions and and its passion for the tangible benefit of having a printed format. The recent demise of Lloyds Lists printed paper is an unparalleled opportunity to really show that they are committed to their subscribers and advertisers. To prove to them that they are listening to their choices. This opportunity we felt needed a letter that provided a response to this time, a time that feels that digital is everything and that the real world is only just an expression of the past.


If you missed it here is the excerpt of the letter from Jon Spencer MD

Choice matters.

Dear Reader
At TradeWinds we’re still in print because we remain committed to giving you choice.

We’re committed to delivering quality content, tailored to each format: print, online or mobile. Whether it’s news in brief, breaking exclusives or in-depth analysis, we want to ensure you get the information you need, in the most appropriate format and the one that suits you best.

At TradeWinds we continue to grow strong and expand into new markets. Our readership consists of 59% boardroom level management. Others are independent executives and the ambitious leaders of tomorrow.

How could we tell you, our subscribers and advertisers, that print is a thing of the past? The answer is, it isn’t. You want choice.

Jon Spencer
Managing Director